PM A11 high-speed tool steel is a versatile tool and die steel which provides extremely high wear-resistance in combination with relatively high impact toughness.
Feb 17, 2020 · Very informative article. Wow! The 8670 steel is tougher than L-6, 5160 and Z-Tuff. So, it is comparable to the S7 steel toughness? Before this, i thought 8670 steel is quite similar to 80CRV2 with a little higher in toughness. But from this chart, I noticed that 8670 is a different animal.
Rather than providing any in-depth technical information, or high-resolution images or renders of the upcoming hardware, Hemmerstoffer has presented a series of wireframe style images which instantly give us an excellent understanding of how the Galaxy S8 and S8+ stack up against devices like the Galaxy S7, Note 7, and even a flagship from ...
STRENGTH VS. TOUGHNESS. The best blade steels exhibit a balance of strength and toughness. Blade steels with an insane amount of hardness (pushing towards 70 HRC) tend to lack stability and can suffer from cracks, chipping, and total failure.